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 Our corporate mission is to provide immunology-based, innovative new drugs for the cancer treatment to health care sites. For this purpose, the company has been developing the drug products in the following four fields.

Global Development of CHP Cancer Protein Vaccines(Click here for more information)

- CHP-NY-ESO-1 vaccine for esophagus and prostate cancers.
- CHP-MAGE-A4 vaccine for lung cancers.
- CHP cancer protein vaccines utilizing other new cancer antigen proteins.

・Creation of Next Generation Protein Drugs by Applying CHP.

 By applying CHP to the delivery of protein drugs, we intend to enhance the performance of protein drugs and to create next generation protein drugs with reduced burden of patients.

Drug Discovery of Multifunctional Cancer DNA Vaccines (Click here for more information)

 We are developing novel, next generation vaccines based on DNA immunization with multifunctional genes. In this technology, DNA vaccine carrying multiple genes encoding cancer antigen proteins and immunological regulatory molecules will be immunized to cancer patients. Cancer antigen protein genes will then elicit potent cancer immunity and in parallel, immunological regulatory molecules will greatly enhance this immune response.

Drug Discovery of Therapeutics for Immune Diseases by Exploring Immune Regulatory Mechanism(Click here for more information) 

 We have explored the important roles of regulatory T cells which negatively control immunological responses and discovered the technology to modulate the activity of these cells in vivo, which will be applicable to the drugs for the treatment of intractable immunological diseases.