Since the beginning of this century, a variety of innovative cancer therapies have been actively developed world wide. “Cancer immunotherapy” including therapeutic antibodies, cancer vaccines and immune cell therapies is also one of such newly emerging therapeutic approaches of cancers. Cancer immunotherapy utilizes “immunity” that is originally possessed by human body and is highly specific and effective defense system against threatens including pathogenic organisms and cancer cells.
Professor Hiroshi Shiku of Mie University has accumulated a large body of scientific outcomes from his lifework of studies on the relationship between cancer and immunity. Based on this, ImmunoFrontier, Inc. aims to develop innovative immune therapies with higher efficacy and few side effects against the wide range of cancers, especially the hard-to-treat esophageal, prostate and lung cancers.

ImmunoFrontier’s bussiness goals are the following four:
Ⅰ. Development of “cancer protein vaccines” employing cancer-specific proteins as antigens and Cholesteryl Pullulan (CHP) as the antigen delivery system.
Ⅱ. Creation of next generation protein drugs using CHP delivery system.
Ⅲ. R&D of “cancer DNA vaccines”, which are next generation cancer vaccines.
Ⅳ. R&D of the modulators of regulatory T cell functions for the treatment of intractable immune diseases.

Development Goals

ImmunoFrontier’s bussiness goals

ImmunoFrontier’s bussiness goals are the following four: