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Message from CEO

My name is Hiroshi Miyamoto and I assumed the post of president of ImmunoFrontier, Inc. in October 2018.

Our mission is to deliver novel cancer treatments as soon as possible to patients waiting for new treatments by further developing our cancer immunotherapy and proceeding to the next phase.

ImmunoFrontier was founded in 2004 as a bio-venture company originating from Mie University. Since then, we have focused on the development of therapeutic cancer vaccines based on immunotherapy, especially those that utilize cholesteryl pullulan (CHP), a delivery system. In the company’s history that has spanned more than 10 years, we identified a potential vaccine candidate, which showed certain clinical efficacy. Now the issue we face is challenging further contrivances to enhance its effect.

On the other hand, looking at recent domestic and overseas situation for cancer vaccines, clinical trials of many candidate drugs have been conducted, but most of them failed to present their expected efficacy, leading to discontinuation of their development. In such circumstances, the immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs) have drawn attention as they have proven to have a fairly high efficacy regarding a certain type of cancer and obtained regulatory approval. It is well known that ICIs are now expanding their scope of application to other types of cancers. The introduction of ICIs drew renewed attention to cancer immunotherapy and many researches and developments related to cancer immunotherapy are currently being actively carried out. Especially, many studies are being conducted on types of cancers to which ICI alone has not showed enough efficacy, and studies are being conducting regarding whether higher effects can be obtained by combining ICI with other treatments.

Various researches have elucidated the existence of immune exhaustion, a phenomenon in which immunity is suppressed against cancer and cannot attack cancer cells. Approaches from more complex mechanisms and therapies are required to deal with immune exhaustion that cannot be handled with ICIs alone.

We develop “comprehensive cancer immunotherapy” based on cancer vaccines focusing on the immune environment surrounding cancer cells and aim to create a therapy, which can destroy cancer cells by making the autoimmune system attack cancer cells.

We will continue to be further committed to meeting the expectations of patients suffering from cancer and waiting for a new medication; their families; our shareholders and investors; and society at large.
I offer my appreciation for your understanding and continued support of our activities.

Hiroshi Miyamoto
President and CEO

Corporate Profile

Corporate name ImmunoFrontier, Inc.
President & CEO Hiroshi Miyamoto
Established October 5, 2004
Capitalization 20,000,000 yen
Directors Taira Abiru, Harumi Sakata
Auditor Masaharu Osako
Scientific Advisors Hiroshi Shiku M.D., Professor, Mie University School of Medicine
Kazunari Akiyoshi, Ph.D. Professor, Kyoto Univertsity Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Polymer Chemistry
Contact Address Urban Ace Higashitenma-BLDG.,1-1-19,