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Drug Discovery for Multifunctional Cancer DNA Vaccines

@DNA vaccine is a novel immunization technology using molecular biology technique. It delivers antigen(s) into body as genes encoding antigen proteins. From these genes, antigen protein(s) is expressed and works to elicit specific immune responses. Because DNA vaccine is expected to show high performance to treat diseases such as cancers and virus infections and the manufacturing of DNA-based drugs is relatively easy, it is considered to be a next generation vaccine following to protein vaccines. We are intending to develop gmultifunctional DNA vaccinesh that can totally activate the antigen-specific immune responses by expressing various immunological stimulatory molecules as well as antigen proteins. We have already established relating patents and are now conducting basic and drug discovery research program in close relationship with Mie University, our research partner in Japan, in order to accelerate the translation of this new vaccine technology from the bench to the clinic.