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@ImmunoFrontier was named by combining gimmuno-g for immunity and gfrontierh.

@Chemotherapeutic drugs based on cell toxicity have been playing a major role in cancer therapeutic drugs. However the development of an innovative and effective drug with low side effect based on a new mechanism has been yearned for a long time. And this hope is now becoming to be realized in this century after having innovation in medical biologics in 1990s. One of these new cancer therapies is cancer immunotherapy. Although it has been well known that cancer immunotherapeutic drugs are very safe comparing to chemotherapeutic or molecular target drugs, the development of immunotherapeutic drugs has not been successful because of the difficulty in proving efficacy of immunotherapeutic drugs. However the concept of cancer immunotherapy has been proven with high efficacy of antibodies recent years.

@Now the development of cancer vaccines as the next generation of cancer immunotherapy after antibodies has been conducted actively mainly in the US and Europe. Cancer vaccines have three unique characteristics not to be seen in other therapeutic drugs, which are searching for tumor cells (specificity of immunity), damaging/removing tumor cells (cytotoxicity by killer T cells), and are sustaining anti-tumor activity (memory of immunity).

@ImmunoFrontier will go forward the development of cancer therapeutic drugs which can suppress tumor growth, recurrence and metastasis for a long period with our unique and advanced technology, CHP-cancer vaccines, to meet the expectations of many patients and their families longing for a new therapeutic drug, our shareholders, and society.

President and CEO  Tadashi Hishida, Ph.D.